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5 Entrepreneurial Skills That Will Make You More Influential and Successful

The Myth of Having Inborn Entrepreneurial Skills
Most people are under the impression that to be successful, the mentality, attitude and the entrepreneurial skills are things that someone is born with, but nothing could be further from the truth.
How would your world change if you were able to influence those around you to do whatever you wanted? How different would your life be if you reached levels of success that you never thought possible just by tweaking your mindset and actions?
You may not believe this, but did you know that there is no such thing as a natural born leader?
Know what this means? This means that you are able to learn the mindset, attitude and the entrepreneurial skills that successful people seem to "magically" possess.
What separate's a leader from a follower is that they made the decision to choose their own path, walk it, making and sticking to their own decisions, and having an end goal in mind.
Sure it takes a lot of practice, emotional growth, a few stumbles here and there, but wouldn't living a life where you are in complete control trounce the one where you are spent following a road someone else laid out for you?
Now this may contradict what I just said, but for every leader to be made, they first have to follow the right person (a peer or role model if you will), learn to be an action taker, and have a positive, enthusiastic outlook on things.
Once the person has been conditioned well enough to possess confidence and strength of character will they finally burst forth from their cocoon and venture out into the world as a unique... butterfly (hmm that sounds a bit too girly and cliché for my liking LOL).
Now from what I've seen from the self made millionaires and entrepreneurs, they all have these 5 entrepreneurial skills in common that have helped them get to where they are today.
The 5 Entrepreneurial Skills that Will Change Your Life... If you Let Them
#1/ Self confidence:
This should be no surprise. Building your own enterprise is a risky business, and those who believe in their own capabilities, and abilities to get them out of the little (or sometimes not so little) snags are the ones who flourish compared to the ones who doubt themselves constantly.
So believing that you are smart enough, capable, diligent, deserving and destined for greater things will no doubt take you to exactly where you want to go, and beyond.
Once you have this skill down, the other entrepreneurial skills will follow suit more easily.
#2/ Being an action taker:
For things to progress, you must do something.
From something as small as buying a relevant ebook, to something as big as going all in financially for a business campaign.
Now I'm not saying to spend money recklessly. Far from it.
I'm trying to say that you must be willing to invest in yourself, your education, your marketing, and your business in general to succeed.
Being stingy will only take you so far. So if you really want the lifestyle and money that the top earners have, then you must get to work and be willing to pay for the tools and systems required to get you there.
As Rob Fore puts it, "Being cheap will keep you broke!"
#3/ Accepting responsibility for yourself:
It's all too easy to play the blame game nowadays, so if you've heard of the saying, "If you want to be rich, just do the opposite of what everyone else is doing", then you're going to want to pay attention.
Out of all the entrepreneurial skills that I am listing here, this is the one that most people have a hard time swallowing.
The difference between rich people and everyone else is that they take complete responsibility for all the happenings in their life. This is not to say that every bad thing that has happened in your life is your fault, but it is your responsibility in how you react and handle the situations that come your way.
Quite a kick in the spleen since I resisted this one for awhile, but it's certainly made me open up my eyes as to why I was unhappy for such a long time. If you blame others, that means you believe you are not in control of your life.
Notice how all the people who are broke like to complain and not do anything about it? Be the opposite and stop complaining and get your butt into gear.
So if you find yourself going nowhere with your business, look at what you are doing first before you go blaming the marketing program, system or company that you are with. More often than not, it's you either doing the wrong things, or not being productive enough that is making you go around in circles.
#4 / Having the ability to care for others:
This is one of the most crucial entrepreneurial skills that I am outlining in this post so pay extra attention because there are so many selfish marketers out there who only care about making money, and not enough about their team.
You wonder why 97% of network marketers fail?
This is why.
Too many selfish people caring about making a quick buck off of someone and then vanishing into thin air... forever. Never to be heard from again.
I happen to be friends with marketers in other people's teams who have been left to fend for themselves in the overwhelming world that is internet marketing. And even though they are not in my MLM company, or any other business ventures of mine, I still help them as best as I can when they need it.
Too often do people pitch endlessly about their opportunity and too little about offering value and helping people.
When you take the time to help someone else, and actually show that you care, you may be surprised that that person could become one of your closest friends, or the star player in your team that will make you hundreds and thousands of dollars.
I've talked to a few business partners of mine who have had this happen to them (recruiting someone who no one cared about and that person made them $100K+). So it could happen to you too if you take the time to care.
#5/ An annoyingly, intense stubbornness to never give up:
Before you roll your eyes and exclaim, "Oh man not this again. So cliche", there is a reason why I saved this for last.
All the entrepreneurial skills I listed will mean next to nothing if you leave this one out.
It's the defining entrepreneurial skill that carries someone all the way across the voyage from dead broke to financially independent.
I'm not sure if it's society nowadays or not, but people are more lazy than ever. Could be due to the increase in technology and how it's super convenient (ironic how I'm leveraging technology to make me money xD) that is making people forget what it really means to stick your neck out and do some hard work.
And to prove my point, I'm going to bring up the 97% failure rate statistic again.
I've heard a lot of, "Man this is so hard... I'm going back to my job 'cause it's easier", that if I earned 5c for every time I've heard it, I'd be quite well off.
Just because something is hard, does not mean that you give up, act like a complete wussy and settle for something less!
There are so many successful network marketers like Mike Dillard, Ray Higdon, David Wood, Jonathan Budd and more who have struggled for months, even years to be able to make that insane residual income of $200K+ per month living in multi-million dollar houses because they never gave up even when failure slapped them in the face countless times.
If these guys can nurture these entrepreneurial skills so can you.
So if you are thinking of giving up, do you really want to go back to the 9-5 life? Or having to ask for someone's permission to take your wife/husband or kids to a holiday?
How Can These Entrepreneurial Skills Help Me?
Success comes to the people who have worked for it, deserve it, and who have paid their dues to earn it.
By building these 5 entrepreneurial skills within yourself, you will find that results will come easier, quicker and that people will be flocking to you when you focus on helping and providing value.

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